• a new view

    see life differently

    Living at The Terraces will heighten your expectation, expand your horizons and provide refuge after the hustle and bustle of every day life. Find a new paradigm for the coastal Florida lifestyle.

  • a new perspective

    clears your way

    The unique presence and definitive character of The Terraces will reinforce and harness your potential. Take control of your surroundings and experience. Own it and make it memorable.

  • a new attitude

    comes with the territory

    The force of your confidence combines with the movement of south Floridian culture for a powerful revelation. The Terraces' unique presence and definitive character will reinforce and harness your potential.

  • a new companion

    is always welcome

    Make a friend. Bring a friend. An inland oasis that extends the greatest of courtesy to you plus one, The Terraces is proudly pet friendly.

  • a new lifestyle

    luxury awaits

    Refine your lifestyle with resort-style amenities. You've found your home, a peaceful place where you can relax. No expectations, just a laid-back life with everything at your fingertips.

  • a new adventure

    for you and your loved ones

    You know how to live and how to take care of those you love. Take a cue from your own inspiration; You're ready to begin a new adventure with The Terraces